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Dash-Cam INNOVV K2

What is K2?

I was thinking about installing a dash-cam on my motorbike since a while. But you know, I’m lazy and I always find a way to “do tomorrow what i could do now”. Anyway, some guy on AnimaGuzzista’s Forum wrote about INNOVV and their motorbike-oriented product K1. Obviously, as often happens, when I took the wallet out to buy it… that product has been discontinued. But the new K2 was in it’s way to be released, so i pre-ordered it and it arrived at my home in a pair of months. By the way, now it’s into production cycle so I suppose shipment process will be faster.

Why a dash-cam?

Anyway, it’s an interesting product for motorcycle users ‘cause of its two waterproof cameras and the recording unit that works in automatic way – after configuration. Configuration that is made trough a dedicated smartphone app. This is the page on Innovv’s website. Just one comment before I start to talk about installing it: this is a double dash-cam, it’s useful to record a proof in case of crash, not to record your mono-wheel show (even if it can do it well).

Now, let’s play the game. Time to install it on my old piece of iron.

  • At first, we have to decide where to place the main unit, the DC-DC converter an the cameras. Referring to my Moto Guzzi Nevada, I choose to install DC-DC under the seat while the main unit goes under the left-side cover. Remember to connect yellow cable to a keyed +12V: it gives K2 the signal to start recording. Just for your information, I did it without drilling any hole on my bike;

Installing DC-DC converter. As you can see I previously did some modification in the electric plant of my bike, adding some “auxiliary” 12V outlet

  • Then I lifted the fuel tank to pass cables of front camera and GPS unit

Lift and slide back fuel tank. Red-circled is the camera cable


  • Next step is install the 2 cameras. Back camera has a longer cable, but they are equivalent. In fact, I used the front camera as back and vice versa. Front one is screwed under the lower fork plate, back one share the support of the left turning-light.

Back camera

Main unit final mount

  • And now, this is the final result. File has been edited and resized for web-sharing. As you can see, thanks to GPS, it shows date, time and speed. It’s also interesting watch how the front suspension works. K2 records audio too, but being so close to engine and clutch… it’s totally insane.

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